Monday 1/14/19 There will be no trash collection today due to the snow.  Customers in Charles and St Mary's Counties will be collected on Thursday 1/17.  Customers in Calvert county will be collected on Tuesday 1/15.  This change only affects the monday collections there will be no other changes to the schedule.  Tuesday-Saturday customers will be collected as normal.

The National Weather Service announced a warning of dangerously high sustained winds tonight through Friday. Evergreen Disposal is monitoring the warning but servicing all communities and customers as scheduled.

High winds can cause your Evergreen Disposal Services and/or personal containers to blow away or generate scattered debris through the community. To ensure the safety and maintenance of the community, if you choose to place debris curbside, please make sure they are secure in the container and retrieve your containers as soon as possible.
Evergreen is not permitted to go onto individual properties to retrieve scattered debris and we are unable to replace lost, broken, or missing containers free of charge due to such circumstances.

Stay safe and make sure to secure your containers!