Evergreen Disposal started with one truck in Waldorf, Maryland and as our business grew that first year, our service areas expanded to Bryans Road, White Plains, La Plata and Hughesville. As we have continued to grow we have expanded our service areas in Calvert and St Mary’s counties. As a result of the growth we have experienced over the past several years, we needed a way to monitor our equipment across Southern Maryland.

After an extensive search we found what we feel is the perfect GPS system, Fleetistics. Fleetistics not only offers real time truck locations it also records truck speed, hard breaking and aggressive driving. Alerts are sent to our supervisors so they may quickly address any situation that arises. Our safety staff reviews the reports and uses the reports to individualize training for each of our drivers. We are proud to be one of the few companies in the business that has this type of system in our entire fleet of trucks. With over 25,000 customers in Southern Maryland it is hard to monitor every single minute of the day. Now whether you are in Lusby or Lexington Park, we know exactly how the trash trucks are driving.