There will be no trash collection Thursday November 25, 2021. Thursday and Friday Trash will be collected on a one day delay, For more information please click HERE


We have tried to make getting our service easy for all of our customers. You can either call our office for service or go to the forms sections of our webpage Evergreen Disposal Services is committed to quality service at a fair price. We continually review potential cost containment measures to maintain our competitiveness and to give you the best price for the best disposal services.

By mail - checks or money order / by phone - Visa or Mastercard.

Item such as furniture and appliances are not considered normal household volume and therefore an extra charge may be assessed.

We ask you call the office in order to cancel your service. There is a $20.00 cancellation fee at the time of cancellation.

Evergreen Disposal Services does not offer services in Virginia, however we do recommend our sister company american disposal services. American Disposal Services is a locally owned and operated company that is dedicated to value and quality of service.

To start service with american disposal service call 703-368-0500 or visit their webpage

Schedules & Holidays

Charles County collection time is 5:00 am. We advise all residents to ensure collection have items out curbside the night before.

Your trash was not out when our driver went by. Charles County collection time is 5:00 am. We advise all residents to ensure collection have items out curbside the night before.

Today is an observed holiday by your County. We will pick up your trash on you next scheduled pick up date. Please check the calendar on for observed holidays in your County.

Office is closed on Labor day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, and New Year's day.

If your service day falls on any of these holidays in which we do not run, service will resume on your next regularly scheduled service day.

On days where the office is closed and the operations is running, please make sure to put your items out the night before to ensure pickup.

Please check the calendar for observed holidays in your County. Unfortunately Evergreen Disposal Services can not pick up your trash on days in which the Countys landfill or transfer stations are closed.


We reserve the right to cancel service on any day, in which we consider unsafe due to inclement weather. Weather permitting, your refuse will be picked up on your next scheduled service day. No adjustments will be made to your bill.

At Evergreen Disposal Services our rates are based on volume not the number of pick ups per month. Therefore when we pick up your trash on the next scheduled pick up date we are taking double the volume and being charged for it at the time of disposal by the County.

At Evergreen Disposal Services we believe in serving customers according to their needs, not ours. With that in mind there are many times that we are able to come back depending on your location. Please give our office a call and we will be happy to assist you. Please note if a special pick up is done, an added charge may be assessed.

Trash Carts & Bins

Evergreen Disposal Services is a locally owned and operated company, the employees and owners care about the local and world environment. With that in mind research has shown that the large rolling trash cans Evergreen Disposal Services use are less likely to tip over and spill garbage in your neighborhood.

Many local realtors have told us that communities that use these large rolling trash cans tend to have a cleaner look and that helps with home sales in the community.

We ask you do not write in permanent marker on our equipment. We suggest you use stickers (example, mailbox stickers) to identify your cart/bin.

We ask that you call our office and speak with one of our customer service representatives to schedule a date when our crews will be in your area doing repairs/replacements of equipment.

Make sure you have the serial number located on the trash cart written down. If your cart goes missing, check around with your neighbors to see if they accidentally took your cart. If you are unable to locate your cart please call the office. You are able to purchase one from us for $100.00 or you may purchase your own trash can. Wal-mart, lowes, and home depot are suggested areas if you choose to purchase your own.

Proper Disposal

Everyday generated trash is household trash. Example: kitchen and bathroom trash is everyday generated trash.

Please call our office at least 24 hours in advance for pricing and to schedule these items for removal or submit our online form and a customer service member will contact you. 

Acids, fire extinguishers, ammunition, antifreeze, asbestos, automobile parts, cinder blocks, concrete, tv's, computer monitors, car batteries, chemicals, dead animals, motor oil, mulch, paint, pesticides, poisons, propane or helium tanks, sod, tires, tree stumps, dirt, rocks and stones.

Evergreen Disposal Services will not pick up these items as they are considered hazardous waste.

It is imperative that proper steps are taken when disposing of syringes/needles. To ensure the safety of our crews, we would like to inform you of how you can dispose of these items.

Return them to either the physician or hospital in which they were received.

Syringes/needles or any sharp items should never be disposed of in just a plastic or paper bag.