Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few of ourFAQs that we have answered.


How do I get Evergreen Disposal Services to service my home or neighborhood?

We have tried to make getting our service easy for all of our customers. You can either call our office for service or go to the forms sections of our webpage Evergreen Disposal Services is committed to quality service at a fair price. We continually review potential cost containment measures to maintain our competitiveness and to give you the best price for the best disposal services.

Trash Carts and Bins

Why does Evergreen Disposal Services supply their customers with free rolling trash can?

Evergreen Disposal Services is a locally owned and operated company, the employees and owners care about the local and world environment. With that in mind research has shown that the large rolling trash cans Evergreen Disposal Services use are less likely to tip over and spill garbage in your neighborhood.

Many local realtors have told us that communities that use these large rolling trash cans tend to have a cleaner look and that helps with home sales in the community.

Schedules and Holidays

What are my collection times?

Charles County collection time is 5:00 am. We advise all residents to ensure collection have items out curbside the night before.

Proper Disposal

What is considered regular household trash?

Everyday generated trash is household trash. Example: kitchen and bathroom trash is everyday generated trash.


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